Yellow Cab

We’re off to New York City, the city of yellow cabs and Carrie Bradshaw.
This outfit might be a bit overkill but it’s proving the point, we’re in NYC!
Another fashion capital. And according to the Global Language Monitor it has surpassed both London and Paris and become the number one fashion capital in the world. Why? Global Language Monitor is a data-research company that catalogs trends in word uses. They track blogs and social media in search of words that relates to fashion, and how often they’re mentioned in relation to a city. The two previous years London was number one, but this year New York took the first spot and Paris came in second followed by London. The Global Language Monitor company ranked the 55 most fashionable cities in the world and you can view that list by clicking here, scroll a little and you’ll find it.
I’ve been to New York once. I was on my way to Los Angeles and had to spend a night at a hotel in Manhattan. So my experience of New York is limited to a hotel I can’t even remember the name of.
I’ll be back later with one more post, from a smaller and maybe less familiar city.
Yellow Cab