Forever Yellow

Yellow is a color both hated and loved. In nature yellow signalizes danger and by humans it’s often considered the color of jealousy.  The color’s luminosity and the fact that it’s easily recognized is why it’s often used on signs indicating caution. It’s the color that divides the left from the right side of the road, and in some areas it’s used on school buses and taxi cabs as well as stop lights. It is in fact the color  first processed by the human eye, and it is so bright that it can actually be considered a light source. Yellow is a primary color and comes in many shades but dark yellow is non-existing. Yellow is the only color that reacts badly  to black, mix the two and you get a sickly green hue. But when it comes to fashion, yellow and black are often used together and the color combo can look amazing when styled the right way. But there is a trap to be avoided, the bumble bee trap! As long as you avoid stripes I guess you’re good. This yellow and black embellished dress with a boat neck and short sleeves is from Versace, and it combines the two colors just fine. The feminine bow clutch is from Balenciaga and the two-toned pumps are from the Korean brand Modelsis.Forever Yellow