Casual in heels

Today I’m doings sets with backpacks, just because. I’m simply trying to get as many sets out there as I can. I’ve been too creative lately so my sets are piling up. I trashed a bunch of them just to get done with summer, and I did good, I went from 9 to 4 pages of drafts. But 4 pages is still a lot, it’s more than 80 sets!!
Therefor I’m continuing to post 3 sets a day while trying my best to come up with a theme for each day. And today it’s the backpack.
Stripes are a trend that’s been around for some time now and it continues to follow us into fall. The jeans and the backpack makes this a casual look despite the heels and blazer. I’m a huge fan of sleeveless blazers. Boyfriend jeans from J Brand, striped top from Gina Tricot, sleeveless blazer from TopShop, striped pumps from Paul Andrew and a Kit plush backpack.