Zebra Fashion

Today I’m doing sets with animal prints. This first set is a bit in your face, but in my other two sets the animal print will be less obvious. Animal prints are made to resemble the pattern of the skin or fur of an exotic animal like leopard, tiger, cheetah, zebra, giraffe or something similar. The prints are used both in fashion and interior design. It’s been known as a sign of status, mostly due to the fact that animal fur were highly expensive and hard to come by. So for this reason it became a symbol of wealth and status. But today faux animal prints are just as popular and often prefered. People are more aware of the process from being the animal’s fur to becoming an animal print. It’s become trendy to be into animal welfare and care for species that are endangered. Faux fur and faux prints are therefore a fabulous choice and should be the only choice when  it comes to these matters, and it’s more affordable for us common folks. Though that reason alone is reason enough for some people to still want real fur. In fashion the print became popular in the late 60s, as a product of the Bohemian movement.Zebra Fashion