Pencil skirt & sneakers

My final pencil skirt for now, and this one is my favourite! The best part about the pencil skirt is that its silhouette can help any women achieve an hourglass shape. The secret lies in how the waistline fits where the waist actually is, creating a feminine shape. Lower waistlines does not help you achieve the same sensual silhouette. The pencil skirt also feels very different from other skirts as it impacts your posture and the way you move. The skirt forces you to take smaller strides and makes you look more sensual and feminine while doing so. It’s like sexy lingerie, you can’t help but feel good in it. Maybe this is why the skirt has been popular for so long. Even when dressing it down with a pair of sneakers, it still looks feminine. And who says a pencil skirt has to be in a solid color, wear a printed one and let it brighten your day!Pencil skirt & sneakers