Plaid Coat

It’s time for something different, I’ve been playing with fall colors for a while now and I probably will again. But it’s time for a little bit of red. Combined with black and white it looks amazing. Today it’s all about plaid and different ways to wear them. A plaid coat is a great choice for winter. It’s timeless and classic, and a lot more interesting than monochromatic coats. At the same time it’s less ‘in your face’ than statement coats can be. It’s eye-catching without being too loud, and it’s easy to style.  While wide legs are the silhouette of the season I’m not ready to abandon my skinny pants. They flatter my shape and makes me feel fine. I do like to play around with different looks and silhouettes but my favourite leg-wear will always be the skinny pant. Plaid coat from Choies, skinny velvet stretch pants from Balmain, high neck blouse from Dolce & Gabbana, slouchy shoulder bag from Kin by John Lewis. When I added the pumps I didn’t even notice the bull! It’s too bad, I really liked these pumps but the bull is a bit too tacky for me. I understand it’s a sports team of some sort but unless you’re going to a game I don’t see a reason to wear a bull on your shoes.Lipstick fun