over the knee and far away

Fall is the perfect time to wear a sweaterdress, and what better than to style it with a pair of knee-high boots?! This outfit has a 70s feel to it with the suede boots, knitted dress, fringed bag and suede coat. And no trend is bigger, this season, than the 70s inspired trend. And just like in the 70s there’s a key around the neck. The kids of the 70s were often called key-kids, since many came from families with two working parents and we often had our own key as soon as we started school. Most of us did come home to an empty house, but I don’t think any of us saw that as a negative. In those days the entire village helped raise the kids so we never felt alone. Though the key-kids thing might be true for my country only, I don’t know. I grew up in a large family with my mom, one aunt, one uncle and one set of grandparents. My uncle was only 7 years my senior so he came home from school around the same time I did, and my grandma worked close by so after school I got to go help her out at the local bakery. When and if I wanted to. Wow, this 70s inspired look sure did take me back to the 70s for a while there:)over the knee