Happy anniversary to me! This set looks like a dream setting for the romantic lady. So it’s not meant for me. I didn’t get any flowers or chocolate, or a gift of any sorts. And I didn’t give my hubby anything either. But I did get cake! Well I bought it myself at the local grocery store, but at least it was with his money. And we have a candle that we lit on our wedding day 6 years ago, and every year on our anniversary we light it again. Just for a little while, we don’t want to burn it down. Do people honestly celebrate their wedding day? We use our anniversary day as an excuse to eat cake, but that’s about it. I can’t recall my grandparents celebrating theirs, but then they got married on New Year’s eve so I might not have noticed the celebrations amidst everything else that goes on that day. But I can’t recall my parents doing so either. I don’t know. Maybe people are just too obsessed with weddings nowadays, TV is filled with wedding themed shows. From ‘Yes to the dress’ to ‘Married at first sight’. Does anyone really watch these shows? I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would care to see people buy a wedding dress. If you can, please explain. I’m off to eat more cake.Date night