Perfect Pink

My final pink set for the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause. I don’t know of any other cause that has its own color and month. Or at least not to this extent. Everyone knows about October being pink, and why. It proves how well this awareness campaign has worked. It’s a huge accomplishment and one I doubt would’ve been as succesful without the internet. I wish that other important causes could reach that same level of awareness. I first learned about Pink October on Facebook a few years ago. I played a few Facebook games and they all had pink items coming out in October. There were a lot of campaigning going on in the game forums as well. The same stuff is going on at Polyvore where I make my sets for this blog. They hold contests every year, in October, where we have to make pink awareness sets. All these events have helped spread the awareness, and it’s working. If you don’t know what the pink ribbon symbolises you must have been living under a rock! I wonder why no other cause has managed to get the same kind of attention as this one, and why this cause seem to engage people so much more than other causes. At least on a global level. What ever the reason, if you haven’t checked yourself yet then you should. And google how to examine yourself every month, then you won’t have to run to the doctor as much. Perfect Pink