Rainy Day

Yesterday I posted a set with rain wear, and I was going to post another one but I was so tired I simply fell asleep and never got to it. Anyways, it’s still raining so I’m going to continue my theme from yesterday and stay with the rain. So today I’m posting the missing set from yesterday and today’s two sets as well. With an umbrella and good footwear you’re ready to survive the drops of rain coming at you. As it says in the image below, I love rain. And I actually do. Nothing beats sitting inside looking out on the rain. Feeling nice and warm while sipping tea or coffee. It’s especially fun to look at people struggling by in the rain while I’m inside feeling happy and dry. I’m especially happy I’m not in their shoes. Though, if it’s warm outside I love to stand in the rain and just get soaked. Allowing the rain to shower over you can feel like a big cleanse. But I don’t like rain when it’s cold, then it’s just unpleasant, unless you’re inside!Rainy Day