The day has arrived, it’s Halloween. Or Hollow’s eve maybe. I do believe this holiday, as many others, origin from a pagan ceremony. Many countries celebrate something similar to Halloween. In Mexico they have ‘the day of the dead’, in my country we have ‘All Saint’s day’.  Also a day dedicated to our dead. I don’t care for the debate we have every year, arguing why kids go trick or treating. Many people don’t like imported holidays and wants to put an end to them. But culture is not static, it constantly evolves. We see the same thing around Christmas. As children we only had one TV-channel and we all watched the same Christmas countdown show on TV. And we loved it, it reprised for years but a few years ago the TV-channel decided it would never run again. And even now, a few years later, people are angry and campaign about it. But the thing is, even though we adults loved it when we were kids, our kids just don’t. It’s too slow, too boring, too old school. The show even had a theme park that has been scrapped as well. One thing kids do miss out on today, the excitement and the anticipation we had back then. We got to watch Donald Duck just once a year on Christmas eve. Most of us still need to do so to this day. But our kids grew up with many TV-channels and kid’s shows going 24/7. Kid’s TV was at 6 o’clock and lasted for 30 minutes in my childhood, and everyone else’s my age. And the only time it run during the day was at Christmas. And we all watched the same thing, we had no choice but we didn’t want a choice either. Too many options is just that, too many! It takes the special out of it!BOO