Cute cardigan

Final cardigan today. And this post is more like a rant. I went to a meeting this afternoon regarding my home and its future. And even though things are done to make it better it just doesn’t always turn out that way. One suggestion was to actually remove most of my garden. I live and breathe for that garden so I’m super pissed and angry as f. While everyone else seemed stoked about it, but I live in a co-op and we’re only 12 that’s lucky enough to have a garden. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I am not keen on change, so I have my fingers crossed this suggestion never leaves the drawing board. And the few changes that are already in place will be for no reason at all as they will be scrapped in the new project, that’s money out the window and I can never endorse that! Oh well, I’m going to soak into my cardigan and feel sorry for myself for a bit.Cute cardigan