The ripped boyfriend jeans are still trendy and I’m not sure who to blame for it. I have to admit that I own a pair of ripped jeans myself, two to be honest with you. How ripped the jeans are matter a great deal though, to me anyways. A little tear here and there is fine but big holes bothers me. It might look great on a younger girl but maybe not so much on her mom. And definitely not on her even younger sister! I do believe you should be able to wear whatever you want at any age (this does not include anyone below the age of 18), but it is possible to adjust it a bit. Yes I wear ripped jeans but mine are not as ripped as the pair in this set. Often times a little bit makes a greater impact than a lot of bit. My daughter’s pair are so ripped I’m not really sure they’re even there. It’s like a hole with a wee bit of denim. I try to convince her to wear a pair of tights underneath but I’ve had little success this far. Eventually the weather will win this battle for me:) One way to dress up your boyfriend jeans, ripped or not, is to wear them with pumps and a blazer or coat. And by the way, I do remember my youth. More often than not it feels like yesterday. Happy sunday!  I’ll be back later today with another ripped pair:)Ripped