Floral dreams

This is the season for special occasions and many are on the look-out for that special dress to wear. In my part of the world we have something called ‘Julebord’ or ‘Christmas table’. Every workplace with respect for itself hosts a Julebord for its employees. It’s a party. It starts out with a traditional Christmas dinner, hence the name of the event, and usually ends with too much alcohol, dancing on the tables and embarrassment. And then you have to face everyone at work the next day. These parties are notorious but apparently people loves to embarrass themselves in front of their boss and colleagues cause this tradition has been around for decades. If you’re not going to one you probably have some other type of occasion that requires a pretty dress. You might not be able to afford a dress like this one, but a girl can dream you know. This dress truly is a dream and I think it’s a great choice for a wedding dress if you’re not into the traditional white dress. At least in a dress like this one you won’t look like just another bride. And you’re kind of wearing the bouquet. The dress is from Giambattista Valli and I guess it’s safe to say that it will never hang in my closet….though I wish!Floral dreams