Vive la France

Paris, the city of love, has been attacked by hate. It’s an attack on France, but also an attack on humanity. Now is the time to meet the world and its people with love. It’s what we desperately need. Don’t allow the hate to spread. Too many are using the internet as a place to bully and hate, and out of fear it can be an easy option to spew this hate onto innocent people online. If they weren’t there and they didn’t do it, they’re not to blame! What happened in Paris affects us all, it’s an attack on our way of life and our democracy. Sadly these things tends to spread fear and we end up passing laws that are not compatible with democracy. Boundaries are crossed, all in the name of fighting terror. To rule from fear is never a good idea. We’re all scared, but changing our values is even more scary. Politicians use the fight against terror as a reason for a lot of things they do and we tend to let them, but we need to look closer on ask ourselves how we want our future to be. Our democracy, our freedom of speech are under attack, not only from the outside but from the inside. Slowly but surely we’re changing our ways and removing ourselves from the path the people before us fought so hard to create. Don’t let fear rule! Look closer and ask question, it’s our world, our future, be a part of shaping it! It’s hard to love through fear. Let’s allow love to prevail. Vive la France