New Bedroom

My daughter moved out some time ago and this summer she came around and emptied her bedroom. It’s nothing left but the awful yellow walls with purple trim. Yes she picked the colors out herself when she was younger. So we’re re-doing the room. So far I’ve bought a guest bed that also turns into a sofa, or it’s actually the other way around. I’ve bought some shelving, lights and decorations. But the walls and the floor will have to wait til after Christmas, I need help for that so my step dad will come to town and help me out after the holidays. It’s important to make the room inviting and cozy though, as my daughter (both actually) are coming home for the holidays and this one is bringing her boyfriend. I really fell in love with the chair in this set and I wanted to buy it but my daughter hates it and said NO. Now I wish I had followed my mother’s advice and not asked my daughter’s opinion. After all it’s not her room anymore, it’s a guest room. But to be honest here, in my mind it is still my daughter’s room and therefore I’m doing it in green, her favourite color. And I’m mixing in some wood details, one of the walls will be wood , or flooring on the wall actually. The other wall will be in a lovely greyish green. Colors like in this set and these are the colors I’m playing with here on the blog today. Stay tuned for the fashion set coming up shortly.Color challenge