Hello Movember

Last night it started snowing and it’s been snowing ever since. The ground is covered in a thick white blanket and it looks amazing. I couldn’t control myself so I went Christmas shopping this afternoon. Now I’m feeling the holiday spirit. I know it’s early but it’s always nice to look forward to something. Still, it’s only November. In October we had the breast cancer awareness month going on and now it’s November and the attention is turned towards the guys. November is also known as Movember and the idea is to bring awareness towards cancer typical in men. Every male interested in bringing awareness towards the cause is growing their facial hair all throughout the month. I think they have ways to go before this cause reach the same level of attention as the Pink Ribbon cause but at least we’ve all heard about it by now. And giev it some time, it’ll get there, in the meantime – don’t shave!Hello November