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Today – Tweed Pants.
The male inspired grey wide-leg tweed pant is having a comeback. I love that the heavier fabrics, like wool and tweed, are back in style. Fashionistas are everywhere, and also in the colder corner’s of the world. And they want the option to both be stylish and warm during the cold season. In recent years there’s been a wide selection of coats available and I’m happy to see the trend continue. Moving forward, most my posts will include a coat or some sort of outerwear, after all winter has arrived. This time of year pants are essential, you can’t leave home without them. Not if you’re spending time outside. You can wear leggings underneath a skirt but when it’s freezing you need leggings underneath your pants. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a pair of tweed this winter.Coffee & cake