Winter shopping

These pair of flared tweed pants are from Rosetta Getty. A perfect pair to wear when going shopping out in the winter cold, they look trendy but also warm and comfy. Staying warm does not have to compromise your style in any shape or form. What ever you’re doing, if you’re freezing, it ruins everything. I go to great lengths to stay warm, my family sometimes makes jokes about it saying I look like I’m going to the North Pole or something, when I’m only taking out the trash. I’ve been cold enough in my days, and in the future I plan to avoid it any cost. I hate freezing but I love winter so it’s important to find ways to look fashionable and trendy while still staying warm. The image below is taken from a Burberry campaign, I believe it’s from last year but I’m not really sure. But I love the images from that campaign! It looks so cold but cosy, just the way I want winter to be. But, high skinny heels like on these boots from Stuart Weitzman are not recommended, save them for spring and get a chunkier heel to wear for slippery winter days.Winter shopping