Colors & stripes

If you’re feeling down an instant way out of it is to put on a colorful outfit. It’s hard to stay sad in vibrant colors. Colors affects your state of mind, it’s a known fact and an often used one in our daily lives. From traffic lights to the colors chosen in hospitals. We tend to agree what the different colors symbolize, but did you know that once upon a time pink was a masculine color? Red was masculine and since pink was made from red it was also considered masculine. Even though most of us would agree that a man can wear pink we still consider it a feminine color. It just shows that taste is thought and we’re manipulated by what we’re told. What your told from an early age becomes your truth. If I get to tell you something it is that this is a cheerful and colorful striped dress that instantly will put you in a good mood, now you have to believe it! Anyways, I love this dress!Season stripes