All bundled up

Today’s topic; 1st Advent Sunday.
Today is the first sunday of advent, the first out of four. Today the town Christmas tree will be lit, and children will dance around it and Santa will come and give them some candy.
I’ve never been downtown for this, it’s too many people. Instead we enjoy the very same event right outside our door.
Every neighbourhood has their own Christmas tree. The tree inside your home is not decorated until the 23. but the one outside is decorated and lit today. It’s perfect, the big tree outside is so close to my home, it’s just outside my garden fence so when I sit in my chair it looks like it’s in my garden. It’s perfect!
And we also light the first advent candle, but more about that in my next post.
When I was growing up we didn’t decorate until the 22 or 23 but today most people started yesterday to make it ready for today. But a lot of people still decorate with purple for advent and wait to put out their Christmas decorations. I’ll start during the week, but first I have to clean down my house:)
All bundled up