1st Advent Sunday

Today the first, out of four, purple advent candles were lit. And the first candle represents joy. Next sunday we light both the first and the second candle, and so on until all four candles are lit on the fourth sunday of advent. And then we let them burn down. Advent means waiting or a waiting period, and we are waiting for Christmas, and it’ll be here soon after the 4th advent sunday.
The second candle represents hope, the third is for longing and the fourth is for peace. Today is also the day we put the star in the window, it’s an electric star that lights the way for anyone lost and in need of shelter, or so is the symbolism. Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to give birth to their son is the reason behind this symbolism. The star lights the way for anyone in need of finding it. We also have another candle arrangement we put in the window, this one has seven arms and it looks like an upside down V. I have no idea why but it’s tradition so we go with it.
Happy advent sunday everyone:)
1st Advent Sunday



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