Faux Fur

Today’s topic; Faux Fur.
Would you wear real fur? I think I would wear it but I would NEVER buy it!                             But if I inherited it I would rather wear it than toss it, tossing it would be even  more meaningless. But in my opinion faux is way better than real, and I have as much chance to inherit a fur coat as I have becoming president so it is really not an issue. A lot of people judge fur-wearing folks while they do wear leather boots and bags themselves. Is there a difference or not, I don’t know. Making stuff out of an animal I think is fine , what I don’t like is breeding animals for the case of using them for that purpose. Back in the day they killed the animal for food and made use of every part of it from making clothes to candles and soap. This kind of use I think is fine, it’s nature. Today we find everything at the store, and don’t worry so much as how it got there. I think if we knew we’d have our jaw drop. Even so, this faux fur coat is from TopShop and it looks fabulous!
Faux Fur



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