Holiday Wish List

Today’s topic; Shopping!
And boy did I go shopping today! I had so many bags and it got so heavy I eventually had to call home for help. I got myself to the bus stop and on to the bus but I needed help unloading while getting off the bus. My arms just couldn’t take it no more. We live right next to the bus stop, it’s just across the street, but the last few meters were simply too much to handle. This set features some of the items on my wish list this Christmas. I’ll go through them all but let me start with number 12, the table. I’ve been searching high and low for a table like this and today I found one. Well, it was nothing like this table but it was a table, and it was cheap and easy to carry. And I got so excited about those two facts that I forgot to take into account whether it would fit my home or not. I got home, unpacked the thing and I hated it! We don’t drive or have access to a car so buying furniture is a pain, it usually ends with us not buying anything at all. I’m returning this awful, but light to carry, table! Just annoying that I’ll have to carry it all the way back to the store.

 Anyways, how about my number 1; Love this deer, it’s adorable and I want one!

Number 2; I need some new baskets to store mittens and scarfs.

Number 3; I love this pillow. It was on my wish list last year as well. If I don’t get to unwrap it this Christmas I’m buying it for myself!

Number 4;  a chunky knit sweater, very important to wear during the cold season.

Number 5; I love this draped knitted cardigan, I love cardigans in general but this one is a winner.

Number 6; a wood salad bowl with servers, if it’s made of wood I’m going to love it and I really want to replace my plastic salad bowl.

Number 7;  a pair of knee-high boots are on my wish list this year. I love these in suede patchwork from Gianvito Rossi.

Number 8; a coat hook with birds, how adorable is that! And I need something to hang all my cardigans on.

Number 9 and 11; some wooden animals to decorate my home.

Number 10; I can never get too many handbags and this Roxy shoulder bag in faux leather looks just right.

Number 12; this table looks way better than the one I now need to return.

Number 13; cookies. If you want to make me happy just gift me some cookies and candy.

If you’re still on the look out for Christmas gifts I hope this helps. In my next post I’m getting to what I’d wear for a day of shopping.Holiday Wish List