Santa Lucia

Today’s topic; White.
Today is december 13th and Santa Lucia, or Saint Lucy’s day as I believe it’s called in English. Every year, december 13th, we celebrate and remember Saint Lucy/Santa Lucia. Back in school all the girls wanted to be Santa Lucia in the Lucia parade but only one girl got picked and she always had long blonde hair. I had long blonde hair and since only 5th graders got to be Lucia I had all fingers and toes crossed that year. I got pick as the extra in case the one picked fell ill. That night I prayed she get the flu, but off course she didn’t and I guess that was just as well. I eventually moved and in my new city it turns out 2nd graders are picked for the Lucia parade and when my eldest daughter was a 2nd grader she got picked for Lucia. It was a proud moment. You can read more about the tradition by clicking here.Santa Lucia