Today we’re chilling at home, doing nothing but taking in the moment of Christmas to come. Nothing beats this time of year and the time leading up to Christmas is almost better than the actual holiday. But just almost. Christmas is the week between Christmas eve and New Year’s day. We call it Romjul, and it’s the best week ever! A time to reflect, enjoy and be with the people you love. It’s the time to enjoy everything you’ve been working so hard to prepare. Good food, lots of candy and the best part is the quietness. It’s a week of zen! And I can’t wait. I’m almost done with my preparations, I need to bake gingerbread, clean our bathroom and clean the oven. Then I’m done! I have one Christmas present left to buy, and then do the Christmas food shopping. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but I’m well on my way so I can enjoy a quiet evening chilling in between all the work.Chillin'