Color Trend – sunshine yellow

One of the color trends this season is sunshine yellow.
More or less all the top brands had at least one piece of yellow in their collections this season.
Yellow is a color that lights the mood and brings out your playful side. It’s close to impossible to hold a bad mood when wearing yellow.
The sun is shining and you can give it some competition in this lovely yellow dress from WithChic. It’s cheap but doesn’t look it. I love a good buy, and it’s always fun to mix inexpensive items with more luxurious pieces. Like this daisy bag from Kate Spade and the Casadei sandals. This outfit is a great choice when roaming the city streets on a sunny summer day. I’ve spent the entire day downtown, now it’s time for cappuccino and glossy magazines on the terrace. On days like these I love having a garden to tend to and enjoy, it might be tiny but it is fabulous!
Here comes the sun