When going to a meeting in hot summer weather

The weather is amazing and I’m off to a meeting in the co-op where I live.
It’s a big deal this meeting, we’re planning to do an upgrade on the entire building. Four buildings to be exact.
It’s a huge project and we all have to agree on what we want done and what we don’t want to spend money on. Price is the main concern for most.
I have questions and a lot to say. And if you want to be heard when dealing with experts you need to look somewhat important! So the outfit always plays a role, whether one likes it or not.
Since it’s warm I’m going for pleated shorts, the summer version of the well-known office staple, pleated pants.
And if you want to be noticed and remembered, bright color always does the trick. But it’s a meeting so don’t overdo it!  A little splash of color goes a long way. A fitted blazer and some heels puts the outfit together. Now, listen to me!
The yellow movement