Look out for the dungaree

Looks like I’ve fallen in love with yellow.
Sometimes, all you need to show the love are colorful sneakers.
I was kind of hoping that the sneaker trend would be a short-lived thing but turns out they’ve become wardrobe staples. And they’re growing on me , but I still don’t own a pair. With my back issues and all I probably should swap from heels to flats sooner rather than later.
Another trend that don’t seem to want to leave –  the romper/playsuit.
But this season they’re called dungarees. Dungarees are denim overalls, but it sounds more like an Australian critter of some sort.
I’ve actually come to like the dungarees. Even though it reminds me of kindergarten. Paired with long sleeves it doesn’t look as juvenile. What do you think? Do you think the romper/playsuit/dungarees should have an age limit?
I have to admit I feel too old to wear them, unless I’m doing garden work maybe.