Knitted coat

One thing you can’t live without, in my part of the world, is the summer coat.
Summer days can be chilly and even if the day didn’t start off that way, it can turn chilly in an instant.
The conclusion is to never leave home without a coat or jacket, ever!
Unless it’s a very short trip.
Today I had to travel out-of-town to get some x-rays taken of my lungs.
I don’t live far from the hospital but the waiting list is like an eternity, so instead they sent me to the middle of nowhere.
It took me one hour and 30 minutes just the one way, and then the x-ray was done in like 6 minutes!
Last month I was told I have asthma. The x-ray is just to make sure I have the correct diagnoses.
I think I do, as the medicine seem to be working.
I noticed something was wrong when I got my gym membership last year.
I got way more tired than everyone else and struggled a long time to catch my breath. I soon learned to slow down. As long as I stayed away from cardio I was fine.
About a month ago even regular walking became a struggle. Luckily I had my doctor’s appointment around that time. It’s crazy how long you have to wait to get an appointment really.
Anyways, yellow and blue look fabulous together and I love the knee-length shorts from Acne Studios. If I had this outfit it would be the perfect one to wear to a doctor’s appointment.
Knitted coat