Bold is beautiful

My daughter’s computer won’t work so she’s hijacked mine.
And you know teens, they simply can’t live without so for a few days I’ll be a bit absent, and yesterday I didn’t get to post at all. School’s out for the summer and she sleeps in so now is my time.
Black and white are always in style and a combo most people love.
As do I, but now and again it’s fun to liven up the monochrome with a splash of color. And this season I’m all about yellow.
We’re seeing a few different shades of yellow this summer.
The bright sunshine yellow, and then the soft pastel yellow they call chiffon yellow. And then there’s papaya, a color that is moving more towards orange.
The color trends this season are awesome, but in between the color mania we need to relax the eyes and embrace the always trendy black and white.
It’s all about balance in life, as well as in fashion.
Bold is beautiful