Midsummer’s night

Wish everyone a fabulous and happy Saint Hans, or midsummer’s night as you may know it as.
This day is actually in remembrance of St. John the Baptist.
The day also coincides with solstice and like most Christian and Pegan events, they’ve melted into one.
You can read more about it here.
We celebrate by going to the shore, make a bonfire and eat hot dogs on a stick.
If you’re not yet married you can pick 7 different wild flowers and place them under your pillow before going to sleep tonight, this will make you dream of your future husband.
Another big event is happening in my town today.
The king is in town!!!
It’s 25 years since the King and Queen were sworn into ‘office’ and this is celebrated in my town. I was just downtown and had the pleasure to see the entire royal family up close. It was fun since I was also here witnessing the event 25 years ago.
Today is the perfect day to wear floral.
This season is all about the flowers. From abstract floral prints, realistic floral patterns, romantic floral patterns and chintz prints. Choose your fave and celebrate the flowers of the world.Summer garden