One way to be trendy this season is to show off your shoulders. It’s one of the most popular trends this summer.
It works well with long sleeves as well as short.
You can choose a complete bare shoulder, or maybe a cut out version of the trend.
It’s not a new thing, bare shoulders has been seen before but I don’t think they’ve ever been as mainstream popular before.
It’s the way of our modern world, one blogger sports the trend and then another, readers catch on and soon so does their moms and then it’s everywhere and on everyone.
It’s no escaping it, nothing stays fresh for long in the age of social media.
Personally I don’t care, I already fell in love with this trend decades ago and the love affair never ended. The same thing as with my love for long and super wide sleeves.
I’ve been searching high and low for trumpet sleeves since all of mine died of old age, but they were impossible to find.
But now, they’re everywhere and I’m stacking up so I have some spare ones when they’re no longer trendy.
Oh, and be prepared to see a lot of both these trend on my blog this summer:)
Cinnamon girl