One of the season’s most romantic trends must be ruffles decorating collars, hemlines and sleeves. More elegant and wearable than ever this trend has found its way to every fashionista’s closet.
And the good news is that the trend continues into fall.
High-fashion ruffles has become less cheesy and more wearable, even casual.
The exaggerated style is continuing and I’m so pleased about that.
I love the ultra-long and wide sleeves, bell-shaped, oversized. I love them all.
I also like huge strings and laces, and big buttons.
One of the micro-trends spotted on the fall runway is the use of belts. Wide and eye-catching while enhancing your waist.
I’m thrilled about the coming season, but hopefully we have some great summer days left to enjoy. While it’s still raining the weather reports are promising nothing but sunshine the coming days.