Power bag

Summer finally arrived, we’ve had a week with sunny weather and it continues to be fabulous. We really needed this!
But you can feel the crisp air at night when the sun has gone down.
There’s no doubt about it, fall is just around the corner.
No other time of year is as exciting as fall when it comes to fashion.
Fall always feels like a fresh start, so I’m going to make myself some fall resolutions and hope they stick, unlike my New year’s resolutions.
Not yet worked out what it’ll be but I will.
If you want to be on trend this fall you need to get a hold of your own patchwork handbag. I love patchwork and especially on handbags. This Coach saddle bag is available at Miss Selfridge.
Burgundy, military green, teal, navy blue, rusty and earthy colors are all favourites when it comes to my fall color palette.
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