Make a statement!

Everyone needs a statement necklace, or 50.
I’m a necklace kind of girl. I like to have as many as I possibly can and therefore I prefer the cheaper kinds. But the one negative is that they often leave your neck stained.
So my suggestion is to invest in a few quality chains and just change-up the pendant. Not all necklaces have pendants but for the ones that do this is a great way to avoid the cheap black stain. When it comes to rings I do prefer them to be silver or gold.
I actually prefer silver over gold, it looks better and is more affordable too.
I also wear rings, toe rings, bracelets, ankle chains and now and again an arm ring.
I’m very decorated. The only thing I don’t wear are ear rings.
My ears are pierced but I’ve never cared for it. I had them pierced at age 7, or my mom did, and oddly enough the holes are still intact, just a little push and I’m through.
I have to test and see now and again….years in between though.Make a statement!