It’s fashion week in New York and I made this set for a contest asking what to wear for fashion week.
It’s very hot in New York right now but I didn’t know that when I made this set.
I figured it’s fall so the weather is probably something in between, not hot but warm enough to pull off bare legs, not cold but yet a wee bit chilly at times. So I went for a look that works well for this type of weather. But the right outfit for New York right now would probably fit the ‘less is more’ criteria well.
Watching the Yeezy season 4 models I swear I could feel the heat through the computer screen. If you missed it you can read about Kanye’s hot mess right here.
Is it just me or does the name Yeezy make you think of a yeast infection?


NYFW by noconfessions featuring a red top

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