Simple pleasure

I love this designer outfit but it’s one I could not afford.
I have no problem with chain stores being inspired by the big designers, but I can understand how designers does not want to have their work copied.
Pop up stores are a new thing during fashion week and a way for designers to tackle the copying going on. Usually we have to wait months for the clothes to hit the stores, and that gives the chain stores plenty of time to copy. Now that designers sell their clothes as soon as they come off the runway they deal with this issue head on.
What do you think of this practise?
If the item is not available at a chain store the option to buy it from a designer is not an option for me personally. Simply too expensive.
I do believe that those who can afford it do prefer the real thing over a copy anyways. So I’m not sure if they win more customers this way, but I might be wrong.
Though I have to say, copying is not really something I endorse. Inspired by on the other hand, I’m all for!
Skirt from Balmain, top from Dolce & Gabbana, blazer from Rag & Bone, sandals by Alexa Wagner and tote from Kenzo.
Simple pleasure