Maxi dress

You can prolong the life of your summer dress by simply adding a nice and warm sweater. Since the snow has now arrived I would probably change into boots but the world is huge and not all of it is cold. As we speak my brother and parents are travelling the world. They’re doing a round trip going from Oslo to Tokyo, then on to New Zealand and right now they’re in Australia. Next they’re off to a few pacific islands and then to Los Angeles before turning back home. It is strange how different the world looks in Australia, they’re in a totally different season. A much warmer one, and right now I’m envious. We’ve had an awful summer, in regards of the weather, and winter came early this year. I do love winter, I just like to have a nice summer in between. So the best thing to do now is to start thinking of Christmas, my favorite time of year and the best part of winter. Happy weekend.Maxi dress