About Me & My Blog


I’m a lady head over heels in love with fashion and interior design, and this is my attempt at celebrating the two. Mainly fashion.

This blog saw the light of day in May 2013. Older posts can be found under categories on the main page.

This blog is mostly about fashion, but this is no ordinary fashion blog featuring images of me in today’s outfit.

I came across Polyvore.com a few years ago and immediately fell in love. Polyvore allows you to clip images all over the web, and they offer an editor where you can play around with these images. You can make fashion sets, interior sets, beauty sets, arts or whatever you fancy.

I needed somewhere to showcase my sets and that’s how this blog came to life.

All sets posted here are styled by me!

The main purpose of this blog is to provide inspiration on how to wear different trends.

I don’t have a professional reason to talk about fashion, just so you know. But I do because I want to and because I love it!

Being a Norwegian I’ll probably manage to squeeze in some small talk about the weather. But I’ll try to limit myself so I don’t end up with a weather blog.

Fashion and trends are meant as inspiration, they’re not a definitive. Style is your personal take on current trends.

Some may claim that fashion is superficial and a waste of time, but we all need to wear something and in my opinion clothes can be powerful.

You can change your mood by what you wear. The right outfit can make you feel confident and happy about yourself.

It’s important to wear what complements you and your body shape. But it’s even more important to wear what you like and what makes you feel good about yourself. And if that is something that’s unconventional and doesn’t fit the mainstream idea of what looks good, then you need to not care! If you like it and it boosts your confidence, I say go for it!

Personal style has nothing to do with following other people’s opinions, on the contrary, personal style is about finding your way amidst all the available trends out there.

Edit: Happy to introduce new and updated images of myself, both taken in 2015!

The different categories and what they stand for:


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