Vive la France

Paris, the city of love, has been attacked by hate. It’s an attack on France, but also an attack on humanity. Now is the time to meet the world and its people with love. It’s what we desperately need. Don’t allow the hate to spread. Too many are using the internet as a place to bully and hate, and out of fear it can be an easy option to spew this hate onto innocent people online. If they weren’t there and they didn’t do it, they’re not to blame! What happened in Paris affects us all, it’s an attack on our way of life and our democracy. Sadly these things tends to spread fear and we end up passing laws that are not compatible with democracy. Boundaries are crossed, all in the name of fighting terror. To rule from fear is never a good idea. We’re all scared, but changing our values is even more scary. Politicians use the fight against terror as a reason for a lot of things they do and we tend to let them, but we need to look closer on ask ourselves how we want our future to be. Our democracy, our freedom of speech are under attack, not only from the outside but from the inside. Slowly but surely we’re changing our ways and removing ourselves from the path the people before us fought so hard to create. Don’t let fear rule! Look closer and ask question, it’s our world, our future, be a part of shaping it! It’s hard to love through fear. Let’s allow love to prevail. Vive la France



Spooky Trench

Halloween is not a holiday we celebrate much, in fact Halloween is responsible for the most heated debates this time of year. The question is how you should respond to those who wants to celebrate it, should you simply shove your door in the kid’s faces? Or put up a sign saying ‘come back at Christmas (for julebukk) and we’ll be nicer to you!’ I find the entire debate ridiculous! If you don’t like Halloween then leave the door unanswered when the kids come knocking. If they do. The past two years we didn’t get anyone on our door, even though I had loads of candy waiting for them. A Facebook page called ‘ Stop the trick and treaters and get the Julebukk back’ has now over 150 000 members. It’s a lot for such a small country as ours. Julebukk is an old custom and very similar to the trick or treat one. Kids dress up and go door to door during Christmas week, when the door opens they sing a Christmas carol while holding a bucket. Yes they want candy, that’s what it’s all about:) Halloween is a very new event around here. And a lot of people don’t like American customs being copied. As for me, I love any occasion that allows me to decorate and do something special. We have enough ordinary days as it is! So I say, yes both please!Spooky Trench


Perfect Pink

My final pink set for the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause. I don’t know of any other cause that has its own color and month. Or at least not to this extent. Everyone knows about October being pink, and why. It proves how well this awareness campaign has worked. It’s a huge accomplishment and one I doubt would’ve been as succesful without the internet. I wish that other important causes could reach that same level of awareness. I first learned about Pink October on Facebook a few years ago. I played a few Facebook games and they all had pink items coming out in October. There were a lot of campaigning going on in the game forums as well. The same stuff is going on at Polyvore where I make my sets for this blog. They hold contests every year, in October, where we have to make pink awareness sets. All these events have helped spread the awareness, and it’s working. If you don’t know what the pink ribbon symbolises you must have been living under a rock! I wonder why no other cause has managed to get the same kind of attention as this one, and why this cause seem to engage people so much more than other causes. At least on a global level. What ever the reason, if you haven’t checked yourself yet then you should. And google how to examine yourself every month, then you won’t have to run to the doctor as much. Perfect Pink


Pink October

This is my final pink set made for breast cancer awareness, but the cause continues throughout the month of October. If you haven’t gotten a pink ribbon yet, you should. The longest pink lunch table in the world was hosted in Oslo today. 1500 people showed up for the pink lunch in celebration of the pink ribbon cause. This year the focus is on those living with incurable breast cancer. And the question for everyone is “do you spend your time well?”.  A question everyone needs to give some thought. The goal is to never have to say “I wish I had” and instead say “I’m glad I did”. Get checked, and spend your free time building bonds with friends and family. After all, our memories are what makes us who we are, so make good ones:)Pink October


Pink awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month and its color is pink. The goal of the campaign is to make people more aware of the disease, and to educate women on how to examine themselves and to get checked. If it’s detected early enough it increases the chance to get it successfully treated. But breast cancer does not only occur in women, men can also get breast cancer. Men have breast tissue and can therefore develop breast cancer. It’s some shame involved amongst men with breast cancer. Most people believe the disease only affects women. So if you are male and want more info about this you can click here.Pink awareness

Autism Awareness month

It’s April and Autism Awareness month. And the campaign signature color is blue.
I made this set to honor the cause and hopefully help bring awareness.
I don’t know much about autism myself, and I don’t know anyone who deals with this but I’m always open to educate myself.
I had never heard about Autism Speak before making this set, but I’ve now learned that it’s the most well-known autism charity in the US.
I thought the blue and the puzzle piece were symbols that represented all autism charities, but I was mistaken.
I also found that Autism Speak is a charity that people are conflicted about. I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.
You can read about Autism Speaks here, and click here and here for Autism Speak critics.
Better with Blue

Wonderful Christmas

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind what other people do. I believe everyone should be allowed to choose how they want to live, as long as it doesn’t mess up someone else’s life.
I don’t pay attention to what people are up to and I don’t mind what ever it is.
So to my big surprise I have now found myself to be very upset and annoyed, poking my nose into other people’s business on how and when they choose to say that Christmas is over.
Christmas traditions are very dear to me but I do believe everyone should be allowed to celebrate as they see fit. Or at least I thought I did. Every family has their own traditions but some are universal, or at least national.
In recent years some of these traditions has been overlooked. The fact that some people throws Christmas out the window as soon as Christmas Eve is over, well, it makes me mad.
The week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is Christmas.
That’s the week it’s all about. We call this week ‘Romjul’. It’s Christmas Week, the days we spend all December preparing for!
A few years ago people began Christmas decorating as early as November and as soon as the gifts are opened, Christmas Eve, it appears to be over and done with. The very next day they put Christmas in boxes and move on.
I feel sorry for those who think Christmas is only about gifts.
According to tradition we put up our window star on the 1st Sunday in Advent. And we light one of the four candles counting down the Sundays before Christmas Eve.
The Advent color is purple and no Christmas decorations are allowed before the 23rd, little Christmas Eve. The day we also decorate our Christmas tree.
I have also started to decorate earlier. I start decorating december 1st and I’m all done in time for Lucia the 13th.
But like most people I decorate my Christmas tree on little Christmas Eve, the 23rd.
We have strong traditions in my country. The 23rd we all do the very same things and watch the very same stuff on TV.
When growing up our nation only had one TV channel, so the TV shows that ran during Little Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve morning have become a huge part of our Christmas traditions.
Preparations starts the first Sunday in Advent and Christmas itself starts on Christmas Eve at 5 o’clock (when the Silver boy’s choir starts singing on TV at 5′ o’clock on Christmas Eve it is officially Christmas, and it is also when most people start Christmas dinner).
And Christmas lasts til January 2nd. But according to tradition I keep my decorations up until the 20th day of Christmas when Saint Knut chase the holidays away.(it rimes in my language!).
So it upsets me to see people call it quits after the 24th.
What happened to our traditions?
Internet has changed many things in our lives, even our traditions. We let people in other parts of the world inspire us and we start to copy them.
It’s never a bad thing to broaden your horizon and learn new things, but we also need to have pride in our own culture and our own traditions.
The world is getting smaller and we are all getting more similar, so if we don’t hold on to what makes us unique I’m afraid it’ll vanish with time.
There are so many languages that no longer exists, so many traditions that no one lived to tell. Taking away people’s rights to their language and traditions has been a way of getting control over minorities for centuries. Today we seem to freely give them up, our language is changing and becoming more and more like English.
The final things I do before going to bed on the 23. is to fill all bowls with candy, fill all boxes with cookies, fill the sofa with Christmas cartoons, put the Christmas soda in the fridge, put all the gifts under the tree and fill the stockings to the rim. No one gets to taste, read, look at anything before Christmas Eve.
We spend Christmas Week enjoying all these things. But I understand that when you start everything in November, by the time Christmas week arrives you’re fed up. So why not leave Christmas til Christmas?!
Embrace your childhood traditions and add some of your own. But most important, spend this one week in the holiday spirit. Make plans that involves fun and family. It’s a quiet week meant to be spent with loved ones just being together. And spend some time to reflect on the year that’s passing and the new one to come.
We all need some quiet time, and time to just BE!
Happy Holidays!
Wonderful Christmas