December 24.

I’ve had so much to do the past few days so I have to apologize for my late updates and for not posting at all yesterday.
Christmas eve was yesterday and it was the most wonderful day.
It’s been snowing straight for a few weeks and its cold. It was 16 degrees below Celsius on Christmas eve. Today it’s ‘only’ 13 below. Perfect winter weather, cold and lots of snow.
My kids celebrated with us on little Christmas eve and on the morning of Christmas eve. They are doing the every other year kinda thing.
My eldest daughter is in the midst of moving, she just finished her year in the army and is now moving in with her grandparents in our nations capital.
My hubby and I had a great Christmas eve and we got many amazing presents, so we’re very pleased.
We open our presents on Christmas eve after Christmas dinner. In some countries they open their gifts in the morning the 25th.
So Happy Christmas morning to those who celebrate today.
Here it’s a holy day today, one of the holiest days of the year. We call it first Christmas day, tomorrow it’s the second Christmas day. Meaning today is the first day after Christmas eve. This week we call ‘Romjul’. Love the words but I have no clue where it came from and what the original meaning were. But Romjul is my fave part of the year, the quiet week between Christmas eve and New years eve. A time to relax and reflect.
Have a great Christmas everyone!
Winter blues

December 23

It’s little Christmas eve and we just finished decorating our tree.
Outside it’s snowing and it’s been snowing for the past two weeks more or less.
It looks fabulous both inside and outside the house.
In about 30 minutes we’re going to watch ‘Dinner for one’, the same procedure as last year – the same procedure as every year.
We’re ready for tomorrow, I just need to iron my outfit and I’m all done.
Feels great. Have a fabulous little Christmas eve!
Winter Grey

December 22

Believe in the miracle of Christmas!
Every year on Christmas eve, but in the morning of Christmas eve, more or less everyone watch ‘Three wishes for Cinderella’. It’s a film from former Czechoslovakia that came out in 1973 and it’s been running every year since.
It wouldn’t be Christmas without it.
I don’t know if it’s as popular in other countries as it is here, but if you’ve never heard of it you can learn more about it here.
The best Cinderella movie EVER!
You  might find it on you-tube.Christmas ball

December 21.

Nothing says warm and cosy like knitted items. Knit is very trendy and a perfect choice for the season.
I’ve been so busy the past few days so sorry for being late with my updates and this time also for being short of words.
Wish you great days to come. I have some last-minute shopping to get done and still need to bake the rest of my gingerbread cookies. And I have to mop the floors one more time and decorate the tree. And I’m not feeling all that well either, hope it’s nothing but stress.
Now I’m off to bed, good night.
Knitted fun

December 20th

Around here we have something called ‘Julebord’, and it’s an annual Office Party that takes place around Christmas.
Every workplace invites all their employees to such a party and they’re known for being a bit scandalous. You eat Christmas dinner, drink and do something you’ll live to regret. But it’s a tradition and a great excuse.
‘It was a Julebord’ kinda explains it all.
In case you’re going straight from work to a party this is one way to do it. It’s fine to wear something sparkly this time of year but tone it down by wearing a sweater on top. Then a change of shoes and handbag is all you need.
Now off you go, have fun and stay out of trouble!
Office Party

December 19th

Not sure what happened but this set was accidentally posted last night. Maybe I forgot to click ‘save as draft’.
This post was made for the 23. but since it’s here I might as well go with it.
It’s a Christmas tradition to decorate the tree on the 23.
The day we call ‘little Christmas eve’. This day everyone decorates their tree and watch ‘Dinner for one’ on TV at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening.
One year it was sent half an hour earlier and it was a national uproar, the TV station had to apologize and send it again. When I grew up we only had one TV channel that sent programs only during the evenings, from 6 to 11. But at Christmas we could watch TV in the morning and it was only cartoons and programs for children. It was magical. Everyone watched the same things since we had no other options and these annual programs are still a huge part of people’s Christmas traditions.
When the tree is decorated and everyone is safe asleep in their beds I make sure all the presents are put under the tree. And all trays and bowls are filled to the rim with candy, nuts and cookies. I fill the stockings and place this year’s Christmas cartoons on the sofa. Or ‘julehefte’ as we call it. It’s an old tradition that goes way back.  A julehefte is a cartoon publication that gets released before Christmas. Their usually available for sale from December 1st or late November. It’s a great tradition and even if you don’t normally read cartoons you sure do during Christmas.
I have a few more things I need to get done so I’m happy the 23. is still some days away.
But it’s getting exciting!
Oh Christmas Tree

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December 18th

Today I  got the Christmas tree, so happy about my tree this year.
I still have a few more things I need to get done but I like being busy the few days before Christmas.
I need to bake some more gingerbread and clean my home one last time before Christmas, and do the final shopping. We don’t drive so I have to make two rounds to get everything I need for the holidays.
And I need to wrap the gifts for my kids. They’re not celebrating with us this year, so this year we’re having a tiny Christmas eve on little Christmas eve (what we call the 23. around here). Little Christmas eve is usually when people decorate the tree but I’ll have to get it done the day before so everything is ready for my kids.
The rest of the holidays it’ll only be my hubby and I.
Still looks like a Christmas card outside, lots of heavy snow on the trees and white as far as you can see.
It’s freezing and I love it!
Happy December 18th everyone, remember no stress!!
Winter in the city