A for AZTEC.
Now I’ve finally reached the final letter in my Fashion Alphabet.
And as a reminder I went from Z to A, instead of doing it the other way around.
Prints are in the wind this season and Aztec and Tribal prints are a part of this popular trend.
These prints also embrace the geometric trend with its colorful lines.
The trend can easily make for a messy look, so be careful to balance it out.
If you wear a tribal dress then calm it down with a single color jacket and shoes.
Personally I have always loved the ethnic and tribal trend so it is a great way to end my fashion Alphabet:)




B stands for BLACK & WHITE in my fashion alphabet.
The black & white combo is very trendy this spring and one of my favorite trends too!
The trend will continue into fall and it is also a part of the 2014 resort collections.
It’s a classic combo so I believe we’ll see it return again and again in the years and seasons to
come.B for BLACK & WHITE


C stands for CROP TOP.
A both loved and hated trend:)
Luckily though, this season you should not show your entire abdomen but just let it peek out a little.  A lot more tasteful in my opinion.
But this trend is not for everyone!
Don’t get me wrong, if you like it then show it off no matter how big or small your mid section is, but if you don’t feel comfortable then why not wear cropped jeans instead:)
Personally I feel too old for this trend but I think it looks fabulous on the young and trendy:)


D for DENIM!!!
A very versatile fabric and goes with everything …more or less:)
The best thing about denim is that the older and more worn it gets the better it looks.
So save those denim outfits and use them year after year cause this trend will always come back.D for DENIM


E stands for Embellished in my Fashion Alphabet. (yup yet not done with the thing.)
So let’s sparkle!!!
Maybe you love some sparkle but wouldn’t dare to wear an entire sparkly outfit…well…You can wear as little or as much as you want of this trend.
Use a sweater or top with studs on the shoulders if you don’t like to shine the light wherever you go or wear a sparkling jacket or vest to a more calm outfit. Or let the sparkle be on your feet!
If you love to shine there are items that are covered in sequins so go make the street your catwalk and be the star that you are:)
Oh, and this is a trend that is easy to DIY. Go buy studs and sequins and glue it on your denim shorts, handbag or if you know your way around needles and threads then why not go bananas?!

F for FLAG

The letter F.
I first wanted to do Floral but then I kinda covered it under Prints, then Festival but covered that under a few other letters, Fluorescent I covered under Neon. So that left me with Flags and Fringes, and I chose to go with Flags ;)
Seams that this trend mostly covers the American flag and the British Union Jack.
But our Norwegian Flag is always popular in May due to our National Day, but since it’s now June I am sticking with the Union Jack….and letting the American one bearly be represented:)
F for FLAG


Geometric prints are everywhere this season. Checkers, stripes, diamonds, stars, squares….you name it!
Find your ruler and go crazy wearing geometric prints this summer:)
Count those checkers and get a math lesson out of it too:)G for GEOMETRIC