See ya around

It’s time to leave this blog. This is my second update since New Year’s, I believe, so it’s safe to say I’m not as involved as I used to be. I want to thank everyone who has liked and commented throughout my time here. It’s been fun.

I’m available on Instagram. On Insta all images are taken by me with my Samsung 7 phone camera. I take pics of my garden, my city, my home, things I see in my everyday life. Check it out by clicking here.


Wardrobe classics

Every wardrobe needs the classic staples. I am all in favour of a good bargain but when it comes to the staples, I find it best to invest. If you go for quality the items can serve you for years. What are your wardrobe basics? My list of basics includes a white button down shirt, a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt, an envelope clutch. But also a turtleneck sweater, a blazer, ankle boots, a pair of jeans, an oversized bag, and probably a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention. As for good basic colors I would choose black, navy and grey.Wardrobe classics



Happy New Year



May this be a year better than the one left behind!First snow


Silver girl

The underwear movement. Underwear as outerwear is a thing now.
Coats looks like bath robes and dresses looks like night gowns. But if you’re into it, why not.
Silver girl


Blue & white

Today is my birthday so I’m not planing on spending any time on the computer.
Have a great day y’all:)Blue & white



Let’s get colorful for London Fashion Week.
I didn’t get to post yesterday due to some computer issues, and one really annoying issue was my Google Chrome who made an update and somehow erased 6 months of work, bookmarks and so forth. And even worse, all the folders and old bookmarks I had worked so hard to clean up they all came back! I spent a week cleaning up and deleting and now it’s back! While my pretty organized version is gone. I am so mad I can’t even describe it! So I need an outfit that has all the colors I’m seeing right now. Knitted sweater from Victoria Beckham, mini skirt from MSGM, tote from Tory Burch and flats from Roger Vivier.