Enter black & white

Enter black & white



Pencils and lines

Black and white, as well as stripes, are timeless. They turn up on the runways every season, and this season is no different.
Put your money in classic items that stands the test of time and spend less on the short-lived trends.
Pencils and lines


Black & white

Black & white



The sun is shining but it’s also raining so what to wear?!
I’m going downtown and it’s always a struggle to dress for this kind of weather.
So I’m opting for a maxi skirt, it’s lighter than pants and warmer than shorts.
Instead of going sleeveless I’m choosing long sleeves and bare shoulders.
And keep a cardigan in my bag.
Plenty of pleating going on this coming fall, existing on just about every piece of fashion, so hold on to your pleats.
Bare shoulders are still trendy next season, or you can change it up and wear one sleeve items if you really want to be fashionable.



The perfect outfit for a day downtown chilling and shopping.
Exactly what my plans are today, like most Mondays, so I’m off.
Have a great day and week!Geometric


From head to toe

Just wanted to post a lot of stripes before saying good night.
I never get tired of black and white stripes, and neither does the fashion designers, since these stripes have become a staple season after season.
If you want to read a tiny bit of history about stripes in fashion, you can click here.From head to toe


Summer hat

July is coming to an end and I think it’s crazy to think about summer soon turning into fall.
All this time and no real summer weather, apart from a day (or half a day) here and there.
Last year we said ‘I hope next summer will be better’ and now we have our finger’s crossed for 2017. Well, I’m still hoping for an amazing August so I’m keeping up with the shorts sets.
This black and white look is fabulous for a hot day in the city.
Let’s just hope we’ll have time to wear our shorts before season’s end.
Summer hat