Floral Jeans

Today the weather has been strange, one minute the sun is up and the next it’s pouring rain. So to be on the safe side it’s best to put on some jeans. But it’s still summer so to cheer myself up I’ve picked out a pair of summery jeans with a pop of bright yellow. And to make it even more fun I added a bright yellow blazer. If the sun ain’t shining I’m sure going to.Floral Jeans



Green with envy

This fall the A-line skirt is the skirt of choice and this floral beauty is super feminine with its cherry blossom print. The skirt is from Hobbs. Earthy colors are back this fall and the shade of green in this skirt is beautiful, and a perfect color for the season.
The crossbody bag is an essential accessory this fall. The coat is from Red Valentino, top from Collection by John Lewis, flats from Neiman Marcus and a St. John’s bay crossbody bag.
Green with envy


Nature Bliss

I’ve been deleting a lot of my sets again today. I have 9 pages filled with drafts and summer is simply not long enough to fit all my summer sets.
So today I’m doing another 3-in-a-row.
They promised us a heat wave starting today, and the prediction wasn’t as off as we first thought it would be. It might not be a heat wave, but it’s sunny and I’m taking full advantage. I’m organizing a picnic.
So my 3-in-a-row theme is ‘picnic’.
And here’s my first picnic set.
This lady loves prints and is not afraid to wear them head to toe.
Boxy crop top from Fendi, geometric print trousers from Iceberg, platform pumps from ModCloth and a Hubba Bubba clutch from Anya Hindmarch.
Nature Bliss

Pink it is

Easter is over and done with and every day life is back on its regular track.
I have a sore muscle so I’m having some difficulty moving and using my arm.
Therefor I’m making this a very short post and mainly just want to wish you all a great April and happy regular days:)
Pink it is

The Girl

And again I won!
With this set I won 1st place in a group contest at Polyvore.
The task was to incorporate the image of this girl into the set, who I’ve later learned is Sophie Srej.
A fashion model from Hungary, that’s all google taught me about her.
Nothing came up on Wikipedia so I’m assuming she’s pretty new or maybe not famous enough just yet.
This paisley print wrap dress from Etro looks amazing but I’m not fully agreeing that it’s paisley.
It looks more like leaves to me.
But whatever the print, it’s a lovely dress and I always look good in this type of fit.
If you’re big breasted this fit is perfect for you.
Whether it’s a wrap dress or a wrap top it will complement your shape perfectly.
The wide belt will also help disguise your belly a bit, whether it’s needed or not:)
I simply love the fit of this dress, but I’m not so excited about the price tag!
It’s way above my budget. and so is this awesome color blocked shoulder bag.
Even the sandals are expensive!
I didn’t realize I’d made such a pricey set, but first and foremost my sets are made to inspire.
The Girl


Simply love this outfit from H&M!
It doesn’t look like the model is wearing anything underneath the sweater, but I would!
A pair of shorts or a tiny skirt. If you think the bare thighs are essential to this look, you just need to make sure your shorts are short enough:)
The sweater is amazing!!!!! And paired with knee-high boots it looks nothing less than stunning!
I’m a regular costumer at H&M, stopping by at least twice a week. Not always to buy though:)
For a visit, just click here.SomeDay

Out n’ About

The night before our National day is a night for P.A.R.T.Y downtown.
So being electric tonight
Out n' About