Skater skirt

Skater skirt



Mixed feelings

Mixed feelings


Save the elephant!

I’m a huge fan of elephants, in case you didn’t know. So when I first laid eyes on this bag, I fell head over heels.
I need this bag!
I have wooden elephants in all sizes throughout my home, as well as giraffes.
Wild animals are often disrespected and poorly treated, and dropping in numbers really fast. Our wildlife is threatened, and it’s a responsibility we all share.
Save the elephants!
Click here or here to support this amazing animal.Denim skirt


City safari

Now this is an animal print I can stand behind!
I’m not a huge fan of animal print, the only print I can tolerate is zebra.
And the absolute worse are snake and crocodile. I don’t find it nice looking at all.
I can use leopard and such in small doses, like on shoes or on a bag. Then mine line is drawn.
What is your opinion about animal print?
City safari


A lighter shade of pale

A lighter shade of pale


Ciao summer

I’ve moved on to making sets featuring fall fashion but I’ll still be posting my summer sets for a while longer. Slowly shifting into pants. I just don’t want to believe summer is over just yet, especially since it’s been an awful one. I saw this quote on Facebook saying ‘if winter will be as short as this summer has been. It’ll soon be spring’
It kind of sums up how most of us feel about the summer of 2016, while the fashion was great the weather was horrid.
The weather reports are promising several great days ahead but thus far it looks glim.
It’s non stop raining and I’m really sick of it. While at a higher altitude it’s now snowing! It’s cold for being mid august.
I’m so over this weather, while somewhere in this world someone is sun bathing knowing no different.
Keep it up



The sun is shining but it’s also raining so what to wear?!
I’m going downtown and it’s always a struggle to dress for this kind of weather.
So I’m opting for a maxi skirt, it’s lighter than pants and warmer than shorts.
Instead of going sleeveless I’m choosing long sleeves and bare shoulders.
And keep a cardigan in my bag.
Plenty of pleating going on this coming fall, existing on just about every piece of fashion, so hold on to your pleats.
Bare shoulders are still trendy next season, or you can change it up and wear one sleeve items if you really want to be fashionable.