With all the snow I guess loafers will have to be indoor footwear, or saved for next season. I’ll be wearing mine inside, it’s cold living on the ground floor and with a temperature showing minus 11 degrees Celsius outside I guess it is safe to say that winter has arrived. Wish you all a fab new week, stay warm!Loafers



Pink sandals

October is the month to wear pink and this pink and preppy look is right on trend. Bows are essential this fall and this bow detail sweater is from Rochas.
Tweed always comes around this time of year and this year is no different. Tweed skirt from Oscar de la Renta. Tote from Fendi and sandals from No 21.
Pink sandals


Red velvet

Velvet is the new black, or something like that. I guess black is more at everyone’s liking than velvet. With velvet you either hate it or love it.
I’m kinda torn. Usually velvet acts like a dust cloth, attracting all the nearby dust. Or maybe I’ve gotten some low quality velvet on my hands. I do love this velvet top though, from River Island. But my fave fabric is suede, like in these platform sandals from Michael Kors. Laces are trendy and I’ve always been a fan of it. Whether on shoes or elsewhere.Red velvet



This dress!!! I’m in love!!
This pinstripe bow mini dress from Ukrainian designer Anna K is simply stunning. And it doesn’t set you back a month’s pay either. Half a month maybe but it’s absolutely worth it. Pinstripes is super trendy this fall so you can’t go wrong in this beauty of a dress.



It’s fashion week in New York and I made this set for a contest asking what to wear for fashion week.
It’s very hot in New York right now but I didn’t know that when I made this set.
I figured it’s fall so the weather is probably something in between, not hot but warm enough to pull off bare legs, not cold but yet a wee bit chilly at times. So I went for a look that works well for this type of weather. But the right outfit for New York right now would probably fit the ‘less is more’ criteria well.
Watching the Yeezy season 4 models I swear I could feel the heat through the computer screen. If you missed it you can read about Kanye’s hot mess right here.
Is it just me or does the name Yeezy make you think of a yeast infection?


NYFW by noconfessions featuring a red top

tres chic

Today the weather is amazing.  But no matter how much sunshine we get we all know it’s no longer summer. The air is crisp at night and you can feel that fall feeling.
But walking in the sun and staying clear of the shade, you can still show a little leg.
This time of year I follow a rule when getting dressed. If I wear a skirt or dress, I pair it with long sleeves and if I wear a sleeveless top I pair it with pants. It seems more appropriate for early fall and it also keeps me warmer.
Pinstripes are very trendy this fall, as is navy blue so this skort is right on trend.
The flared sleeves and lace-up sides on this top hints to the 70s, a decade that has been trendy for a while now and continues its fashionable streak into fall.tres chic


Fabulous for fall

Yesterday I talked about prolonging the life of your favorite summer dress by wearing a sweater on top. Today I’m suggesting to wear it underneath. It’s totally possible if you have a sleeveless dress. Add a scarf for and you’re good to go.
Checks are super trendy this coming season so this dress deserves to see the light of fall.Fabulous for fall