I’ve completely fallen in love with this type of dress, as you may have noticed I’ve posted it before in other colors and prints.
I believe it’s called a sleeveless tie string short dress, what ever it is I love it.
This time I’m going for a peach sleeveless tie string shirt dress (Puh!).
The sheer cardigan makes this a romantic look.
 As a twist I’ve chosen menswear inspired flats.
The Michael Kors bag is out of stock but finding a white bag shouldn’t be too hard.


Blue is a trendy color this season and it looks fabulous paired with white.
Both colors that suits the winter season just perfect.
The shoes, pants and purse in this set are all from, a great online store that has more to offer than just shoes:)
The awesome electric blue leather jacket is from Faith Connexion and available at, while the t-shirt comes from Lindex.

I heart

Love this outfit. Sorry for the few updates but been very busy, buying clothes amongst other things:)
Hope to have some time to make new sets again soon:)
Hope everyone is having a blast in this new year. Black and white never goes out of style, so I heart!!!I heart

Winter dots

Longing for snow and real winter!!
I have no clue what is going on but outside it looks like spring!!
In my garden its began to sprout here and there, about 4 months too early!!!
Both plants and insects are confused as to what and when, it  can’t be good.
What happened to the long and cold winters with frostbite on your fingers and icicles in your nose..??..
If you can’t make snowballs at least you can wear dots:) They’re still  trendy and fits the season just fine:)Winter dots

Black & White

My favorite trend for 2013 was the black & white trend.
Both stripes and checks were fave patterns of mine, even though i love colors this trend is classic and timelessBlack & White

Blue for you

What was your fave trend in 2013?
I’ve never cared much for blue but in 2013 I opened my eyes for this wonderful color, and bought my very first blue items in years:)Blue for you

Winter Lovely

With all the colors lately it’s time to post a black & white outfit:)
A combination that is just as trendy this winter as it was this spring.
I haven’t written much in my last posts and hardly anything at all about trends and fashion, but with so few reading, if any at all, I don’t really see a huge need for it:)
Feel free to interpret my sets as you please.)
Winter Lovely