Beige world

Today’s topic; The beige sweater.
I’m willing to bet that most of you have a beige sweater somewhere, and this season it’s a good thing cause beige is back. Beige actually looks great paired with black but works with most colors. This turtleneck sweater is from Dusan. It says in the description that is has an open back, I’m not feeling it so I’m pretending that it’s not there. Love the mustard stripe though.
Beige world




Nothing like a huge scarf to keep you warm! I’ve always gone for the super size ones so I love how trendy they’ve gotten. Ribbed sweater dress from Fendi, poncho from John Lewis, high boots from Gabriela Hearst, crossbody bag from Cole Haan and scarf from Prabal Gurung.Scarfing



Second sweater dress today and this one I really love. Notice the holes in the sleeves. Who knew that would ever be trendy! I used to poke a hole in my sleeve when I was younger and I still kinda want to but I don’t, so this would be a great solution. The sweater dress with thumb holes is from Maison Margiela. I love a good sweater dress, it’s versatile and a can’t-live-without item when you’re unwell and need to spend the day on the couch. It’s fashionable and it’s comfy. Happiness


Pretty fringes

It’s been a great friday today. For the first time we’ve had Black Friday. It has existed online for a few years but this year a lot of the downtown shops introduced the idea. I don’t really see the point since we don’t have thanksgiving but who cares when it’s a perfect way to get the Christmas shopping done. And for a lot less. So I’ve been shopping but I hate it when there’s a crowd and you have to wait to use the changing rooms, but I survived it and I’m pleased with what I accomplished today.  Here’s the final tweed coat for today and this one I really love, actually I love the entire outfit. A great but muted color combo. Perfect for going shopping:)Pretty fringes


My magic fairytale

Today’s topic; Tweed Coats.
The coat trends are many and versatile this season and one of my favourites is the tweed coat. It’s warm and it looks fabulous. Tweed is a traditional fabric in English country clothing and is often used in menswear. The rough woolen fabric looks amazing whether you’re man or woman. This blue tweed coat is from Toast and the tweed was woven in a mill in Yorkshire, the traditional home of British cloth mills.
My magic fairytale


Herbal essence

Even sweaters come with fringes now, or maybe these are more like tassels. Forte Forte fringed sweater, floral coat from Kilian Kerner, straight pants from Jonathan Saunders, ankle boots from Derek Lam and a round bag from Furla Perla.Herbal essence


Rebel chic

The ground is covered in snow and it’s getting really cold, it’s time for a beanie to come save the day. The beanie is a perfect and trendy way to stay warm while it also provides your look that extra edge. And this girl is all about edge. This look is easy to copy, if you don’t have a pair of pants with a shirt attached you can simply tie one around your waist. With this look you’re ready to conquer the world, or the mall at least:)Rebel chic